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Entry  Fri Sep 8 12:08:32 2017, Gabriele, Summary, LSC, Good reconstruction of PRMI degrees of freedom with deep learning full_real_data_2017_09_06b_100x4_4000_300_20_free_swinging_time_domain.png.pngfull_real_data_2017_09_06b_100x4_4000_300_20_free_swinging_free_swinging_histograms2d.png.pnggru_2017_08_13a_100x4_4000_300_20_free_swinging_simulation_reference.png.png
    Reply  Fri Oct 6 12:56:40 2017, gautam, Summary, LSC, RTCDS NN post_NN_test.png
       Reply  Tue Oct 17 17:53:25 2017, jamie, Summary, LSC, prep for tests of Gabriele's neural network cavity length reconstruction c1dnn.png
          Reply  Wed Oct 18 12:14:08 2017, jamie, Summary, LSC, prep for tests of Gabriele's neural network cavity length reconstruction 
             Reply  Thu Oct 19 15:42:03 2017, jamie, Summary, LSC, MICH/PRCL reconstruction neural network running on c1lsc NN.pngC1DNN_GDS.pngC1DNN_CPU_METER.png
                Reply  Tue Oct 24 20:14:21 2017, jamie, Summary, LSC, further testing of c1dnn integration; plugged in to DAQ NN.pngc1dnn_out.png
                   Reply  Wed Oct 25 09:32:14 2017, Gabriele, Summary, LSC, further testing of c1dnn integration; plugged in to DAQ 
                   Reply  Mon Nov 6 18:22:48 2017, jamie, Summary, LSC, current procedure for running c1dnn code 
                      Reply  Thu Nov 9 10:51:37 2017, gautam, Summary, LSC, current procedure for compiling and installing c1dnn code 
Message ID: 13365     Entry time: Fri Oct 6 12:56:40 2017     In reply to: 13304     Reply to this: 13383
Author: gautam 
Type: Summary 
Category: LSC 
Subject: RTCDS NN 

[gabriele, gautam]

Gabriele had prepared a C code implementation of his NN for MICH/PRCL state estimation. He had been trying to get it going on some of the machines in WB, but was unsuccessful. The version of RCG he was trying to compile and run the code on was rather dated so we decided to give it a whirl on our new RCG3.4 here at the 40m. Just noting down stuff we tried here:

  • Code has been installed at /opt/rtcds/userapps/release/cds/c1/src/nn.This is to facilitate compilation by the RCG.
  • There is also a simulink block diagram (x3tst.mdl) in there which we copied and pasted into c1pem. Changed the appropriate paths in the C-Code block to point to the location in the previous bullet point.
  • c1pem was chosen for this test as it runs at 2k which is what the network is designed for.
  • Since we were running the test on c1sus and expected the machine to crash, I shutdown all the watchdogs for the test.
  • Code compiled without any problems (i.e. rtcds make c1pem and rtcds install c1pem executed successfully). There were some warning messages related to C-Code blocks but these are not new, they show up in all models in which we have custom C-code blocks. 
  • Unfortunately, the whole c1sus FE crashed when we tried rtcds restart c1pem.
  • We tried a couple of more iterations, and attempted to monitor dmesg during the restart process to see if there were any clues as to why this wasn't working, but got nothing useful.

All models have been reverted to their state prior to this test, and everything on the CDS_OVERVIEW MEDM screen is green now.

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