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Message ID: 1336     Entry time: Wed Feb 25 03:10:24 2009
Author: Yoichi 
Type: Update 
Category: Locking 
Subject: Locking status 
Rob, Yoichi, Kakeru, Kiwamu

Tonight, CARM -> MCL hand off was not stable. The MCF signal monotonically went up to +2V after CARM and MCL gain was turned down to zero.
This was repeatable and it only goes up (not down).
After a while, we found that putting sleep (~5sec) between the zeroing of CARM gain and MCL gain prevents this problem.

Handing off of CARM error signal from TR to PODC was also not robust.
It seems that the suitable gain changes every time.

tdsavg started to exit with errors. We rebooted fb40m.
When tdsavg returns an error, the cm_step script tries to write NaN into SPOB DC offset.
To prevent this, I put the tdsavg in a while loop which runs until tdsavg returns something other than NaN.

I was able to hand off to PODC several times, but could not proceed further because the IFO lost lock soon.
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