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Entry  Mon Sep 11 23:31:50 2017, johannes, Update, Cameras, post-vent camera capture comparison 13x
    Reply  Tue Sep 26 22:11:08 2017, johannes, Update, Cameras, post-vent camera capture comparison lens_distance.pdfImage__2017-09-26__18-54-29.jpgIMG_20170926_190157222_HDR.jpgIMG_20170926_185649325.jpg
       Reply  Mon Oct 2 12:44:45 2017, johannes, Update, Cameras, Basler 120gm calibration calib_20170930_152.pdfcalib_20170930_153.pdf
          Reply  Mon Oct 2 23:16:05 2017, gautam, HowTo, Cameras, CCD calibration 
             Reply  Tue Oct 3 01:58:32 2017, johannes, HowTo, Cameras, CCD calibration gige_calibration.pdf
                Reply  Thu Oct 12 01:03:49 2017, johannes, HowTo, Cameras, ETMX GigE side view IMG_20171011_164549698.jpgImage__2017-10-11__16-52-01.pngGigE_lens_position_helper.py.zip
                   Reply  Thu Oct 12 07:56:33 2017, Steve, HowTo, Cameras, ETMX GigE side view at 50 deg of IR scattering Image__2017-10-11__15-29-52_15k400g.pngImage__2017-10-12__15-50-18wipedRefocud2.pngcamCan16cm.jpg
                      Reply  Wed Oct 18 11:37:58 2017, johannes, HowTo, Cameras, ETMX GigE side view at 50 deg 
                Reply  Wed Oct 18 15:26:58 2017, johannes, HowTo, Cameras, Revision: CCD calibration calib_20170930_152.pdfcalib_20170930_153.pdf
Message ID: 13334     Entry time: Tue Sep 26 22:11:08 2017     In reply to: 13310     Reply to this: 13348
Author: johannes 
Type: Update 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: post-vent camera capture comparison 

I configured the remaining GigE-Camera to work on the 40m network. We currently have 3 operational Basler cameras:

The 120gm's have been assigned the IPs  (was already configured) and (freshly configured) and have been labeled accordingly. Note that it was not necessary to connect the out-of-the-box camera directly to a dedicated ethernet adapter whose IP was set manually to 169.254.0.XXX as pointed out in earlier posts - a few seconds after connecting the camera to the control room switch (with PoE adapter to power it) the camera showed up in the configuration software tool which is launched via


and can be assigned a corrected, static IP.

We have a plethora of 2" tubes for the lens assembly, but not a great variety of focal lengths for 2" lenses. Present with the camera gear were two f=250 mm and one f=150 mm 2" lenses with a NIR broadband AR coating

To determine the lens positions relativ to the sensor I assumed that the camera we're setting up looks at its test mass from a distance of 1m. Using the two available focal lengths we can look for solutions which have reasonable lens separations <~10cm and suitable magnification. We primarily want to image the central mirror area onto a 1/4" sized sensor, which can be achieved with a magnification of ~1/8.

I chose a lens separation of 6cm, which gives a theoretical magnification of -.12 and a sensor-lens 2 distance of 7.95 cm. I placed the lenses accordingly in the tubes and checked the focusing with Gautam's help:


It's pretty close to what we would expect. We will do the calibration using the auxiliary laser on the PSL table. For this I temporarily routed a fiber from the PSL enclosure to the SP table. Since the main cable hole is sort of cramped it's going in through a gap near the ceiling instead.  


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