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Message ID: 1333     Entry time: Mon Feb 23 16:42:08 2009
Author: josephb 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: Camera Beta Testing 

I've setup the GC650 camera (ID 32223) to look at the mode cleaner transmission.  I've also added an alias to the camera server and client for this camera.

To use, type: "pserv1 &"on the machine you want to run the server on and "pcam1 &" on the machine you want to actually view the video.  At the moment, this only works for the 64-bit Centos 5 machines, Rosalba, Allegra and Ottavia.

Note, you will generally want to start the client first (pcam1 or pcam2) to see if a server is already running somewhere.  The server will complain that it can't connect to a camera if it already is in use.

I've setup the GC750 camera (ID 44026) to look at the the right most analog quad TV.  This can be run by using "pserv2 &" and "pcam2 &". 

If the image stops playing you can try starting and stoping the server to see if will start back up. 

You can also try increasing or decreasing the exposure, to see if that helps.  The increase and decrease buttons change the exposure by a factor of 2 for each press.

  Lastly, the button "Read Epic Channel" reads in the current value from the channel: "C1:PEM-stacis_EEEX_geo" and uses it as the exposure value, in microseconds (in principle 10 to 1000000 should work).

For example, to exposre for 10000 microseconds, use "ezcawrite C1:PEM-stacis_EEEX_geo 10000" and press the "Read Epic Channel" button.

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