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Entry  Mon Sep 11 23:31:50 2017, johannes, Update, Cameras, post-vent camera capture comparison 13x
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       Reply  Mon Oct 2 12:44:45 2017, johannes, Update, Cameras, Basler 120gm calibration calib_20170930_152.pdfcalib_20170930_153.pdf
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                   Reply  Thu Oct 12 07:56:33 2017, Steve, HowTo, Cameras, ETMX GigE side view at 50 deg of IR scattering Image__2017-10-11__15-29-52_15k400g.pngImage__2017-10-12__15-50-18wipedRefocud2.pngcamCan16cm.jpg
                      Reply  Wed Oct 18 11:37:58 2017, johannes, HowTo, Cameras, ETMX GigE side view at 50 deg 
                Reply  Wed Oct 18 15:26:58 2017, johannes, HowTo, Cameras, Revision: CCD calibration calib_20170930_152.pdfcalib_20170930_153.pdf
Message ID: 13310     Entry time: Mon Sep 11 23:31:50 2017     Reply to this: 13334
Author: johannes 
Type: Update 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: post-vent camera capture comparison 

The latest pre-unintended vent captures of the test mass face cameras were taken on June 2nd, 2017. Only exposures for ITMYF, ETMYF, and ETMXF exist in /users/sensoray/SensorayCaptures/. I took new captures for those three after locking the arms and having the dither-alignment on for 5+ minutes (exposures were taken after turning the dithering off). The capture script is choking on ITMXF, saying the channel can't lock on. Maybe that's why there's also no reference image for it. Capturing QUAD3, which shows ITMXF in the lower right corner, works, but we don't have a capture for reference. I also recorded dark fields after closing the PSL shutter. Naturally, these don't subtract out as well for the three-month old pictures, but it's actually not terrible and qualitatively one can still compare the subtracted images

Visually, ITMYF and ETMYF do not show a dramatic difference between then and now. ETMXF however, does. To get a numerical estimate for the difference in counts, I worked with the subtracted images and placed an aperture about 1.5x the size of the visible beam blob. I summed up the pixel values inside and subtracted the sum of the pixel values of an equally sized area from the upper left corner of the respective image, which looks free of subtraction artifacts and looks qualitatively similar to the background in the central region.

The pixel sum has gone up by about 50% between the exposures. I still have to do the same for the YARM optics but don't expect such a large discrepancy. Unfortunately we're missing those ITMYF expsures...

All pictures are organized in this format:

Pre-vent exposure Post-vent exposure
Pre-vent subtracted Post-vent subtracted











Attachment 11: ETMXF_pre_sub.bmp  1012 kB
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