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Entry  Tue Aug 8 17:04:26 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, unintended pump down pumping_down.png
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          Reply  Thu Aug 10 15:45:34 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, accidental vent to 17 Torr Mag_UPS.jpgUPSbatteryPack.jpgclosing_V1.jpg
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                Reply  Wed Aug 23 10:11:46 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, vacuum valve specifications 
                   Reply  Tue Aug 29 15:35:19 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, vacuum pump specifications & manuals 1759489_995814a9-55c1-4fa1-b333-f446d272c1cc.jpg
Message ID: 13268     Entry time: Tue Aug 29 15:35:19 2017     In reply to: 13245
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: vacuum pump specifications & manuals 

RP1 and RP3 roughing pump manual of Leybold D30A oily rotory pump

Fore pump of TP2 & TP3 Varian SH-100 Dry Scroll

TP2 and TP3 small turbo drag pump  Varian 969-9361 

TP2 and TP3 turbo controller Varian 969-9505

TP1 magnetically suspended turbo pump  Osaka TG390MCAB, sn360 and controller TC010M  and note : this  pump  running on 208VAC single phaseIt is not on the UPS !  

                                                             Osaka Maglev Manual        and Osaka Controller Communication Wiring                                                                                                                                

VC1 cryo pump CTI-Cryogenics Cryo Torr 8 sn 8g23925  SAFETY note: compressor single phase 208VAC and the head driver 3 phase 208VAC Compressor and driver have each separate power cord!

Installed at 40m wiki  also


The V1 gate valve specs installed at 40m wiki page. VAT model number 10846-UE44-0007 Our main volume pumping goes through this 8" id gate valve V1 to Maglev turbo  or Cryo pump to  VC1

The ion pumps have 6" id gate valves:VAT 10844-UE44-AAY1,  Pneumatic actuator with position indicator and double acting solenoid valve 115V 60Hz  Purchased 1999 Dec 22

UHV gate valves 2.5" id. VAT  10836-UE44    Pneumatic actuator with position indicator and double acting solenoid valve 115V 60 hz, IFO to RGA  VM1 &  RGA to Maglev  VM2

mini UHV gate valve 1.5" id.   VAT  01032-UE01      2016 cataloge page 14,   manual - no position indicator, VM4  next to manual adjustable fine leak valve to RGA

UHV angle valve 1.5" id, model VAT 28432-GE41, Viton plate seal, pneumatic actuator with position indicator & solenoid valve 115V & single acting closing spring  MEDM screen: VM3,VC2, V3,V4,V5,V6,VA6,V7 & annuloses Each chamber annulos has 2 valves.

UHV angle valve 1.5" id, model VAT 57132-GE05   go page 208,   Metal tip seal, manual actuating only with position indicator,   MEDM screen: roughing RV1 and venting VV1 hand wheel needed to close to torque spec

UHV angle valve  1.5" id. model VAT 28432-GE01           Viton plate seal, manual operation only at IT gauges Hornet & Super Bee and  ion pumps roughing  ports. These are not labeled.


The Cryo pump interlock wiring was added too

Note: all moving valve plate seals are single.


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