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Entry  Thu Aug 17 22:54:49 2017, ericq, Update, Computers, Trying to access JetStor RAID files 
    Reply  Tue Aug 22 15:17:19 2017, ericq, Update, Computers, Old frames accessible again 
       Reply  Tue Aug 22 15:40:06 2017, gautam, Update, Computers, Old frames accessible again  
          Reply  Tue Aug 22 17:11:15 2017, gautam, Update, Computers, c1iscex model restarts 
             Reply  Tue Aug 22 18:36:46 2017, gautam, Update, Computers, All FE models compiled against RCG3.4 CDS_Aug22.png
                Reply  Fri Sep 1 16:55:27 2017, gautam, Update, Computers, Testpoints now accessible again 
Message ID: 13243     Entry time: Tue Aug 22 18:36:46 2017     In reply to: 13242     Reply to this: 13287
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: All FE models compiled against RCG3.4 

After getting the go ahead from Jamie, I recompiled all the FE models against the same version of RCG that we tested on the c1iscex models.

To do so:

  • I did rtcds make and rtcds install for all the models.
  • Then I ssh-ed into the FEs and did rtcds stop all, followed by rtcds start <model> in the order they are listed on the CDS overview MEDM screen (top to bottom).
  • During the compilation process (i.e. rtcds make), for some of the models, I got some compilation warnings. I believe these are related to models that have custom C code blocks in them. Jamie tells me that it is okay to ignore these warnings at that they will be fixed at some point.
  • c1lsc FE crashed when I ran rtcds stop all - had to go and do a manual reboot.
  • Doing so took down the models on c1sus and c1ioo that were running - but these FEs themselves did not have to be robooted.
  • Once c1lsc came back up, I restarted all the models on the vertex FEs. They all came back online fine.
  • Then I ssh-ed into FB1, and restarted the daqd processes - but c1lsc and c1ioo CDS indicators were still red.
  • Looks like the mx_stream processes weren't started automatically on these two machines. Reasons unknown. Earlier today, the same was observed for c1iscey.
  • I manually restarted the mx_stream processes, at which point all CDS indicator lights became green (see Attachment #1).

IFO alignment needs to be redone, but at least we now have a (admittedly rounabout way) of getting testpoints. Did a quick check for "nan-s" on the ASC screen, saw none. So I am re-enabling watchdogs for all optics.

GV 23 August 9am: Last night, I re-aligned the TMs for single arm locks. Before the model restarts, I had saved the good alignment on the EPICs sliders, but the gain of x3 on the coil driver filter banks have to be manually turned on at the moment (i.e. the safe.snap file has them off). ALS noise looked good for both arms, so just for fun, I tried transitioning control of both arms to ALS (in the CARM/DARM basis as we do when we lock DRFPMI, using the Transition_IR_ALS.py script), and was successful.


[jamie, gautam]

We tried to implement the fix that Rolf suggested in order to solve (perhaps among other things) the inability of some utilities like dataviewer to open testpoints. The problem isn't wholly solved yet - we can access actual testpoint data (not just zeros, as was the case) using DTT, and if DTT is used to open a testpoint first, then dataviewer, but DV itself can't seem to open testpoints.

Here is what was done (Jamie will correct me if I am mistaken).

  1. Jamie checked out branch 3.4 of the RCG from the SVN.
  2. Jamie recompiled all the models on c1iscex against this version of RCG.
  3. I shutdown ETMX watchdog, then ran rtcds stop all on c1iscex to stop all the models, and then restarted them using rtcds start <model> in the order c1x01, c1scx and c1asx. 
  4. Models came back up cleanly. I then restarted the daqd_dc process on FB1. At this point all indicators on the CDS overview screen were green.
  5. Tried getting testpoint data with DTT and DV for ETMX Oplev Pitch and Yaw IN1 testpoints. Conclusion as above.

So while we are in a better state now, the problem isn't fully solved. 

Comment: seems like there is an in-built timeout for testpoints opened with DTT - if the measurement is inactive for some time (unsure how much exactly but something like 5mins), the testpoint is automatically closed.


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