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Entry  Tue Aug 8 17:04:26 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, unintended pump down pumping_down.png
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             Reply  Mon Aug 21 16:35:48 2017, gautam, Update, VAC, UPS checkup 
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Message ID: 13234     Entry time: Mon Aug 21 16:35:48 2017     In reply to: 13186     Reply to this: 13245
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: UPS checkup 

[steve, gautam]

At Rolf/Rich Abbott's request, we performed a check of the UPS today.

Steve believed that the UPS was functioning as it should, and the recent accidental vent was because the UPS batteries were insufficiently charged when the test was performed. Today, we decided to try testing the UPS.

We first closed V1, VM1 and VA6 using the MEDM screen. We prepared to pull power on all these valves by loosening the power connections (but not detaching them). [During this process, I lost the screw holding the power cord fixed to the gate valve V1 - we are looking for a replacement right now but it seems to be an odd size. It is cable tied for now.]

The battery charge indicator LEDs on the UPS indicated that the batteries were fully charged.

Next, we hit the "Test" button on the UPS - it has to be held down for ~3 seconds for the test to be actually initiated, seems to be a safety feature of the UPS. Once the test is underway, the LED indicators on the UPS will indicate that the loading is on the UPS batteries. The test itself lasts for ~5seconds, after which the UPS automatically reverts to the nominal configuration of supplying power from the main line (no additional user input is required).

In this test, one of the five battery charge indicator LEDs went off (5 ON LEDs indicate full charge).

So on the basis of this test, it would seem that the UPS is functioning as expected. It remains to be investigated if the various hardware/software interlocks in place will initiate the right sequence of valve closures when required.


Never hit O on the Vacuum UPS !

Note: the " all off " configuration should be all valves closed ! This should be fixed now.

In case of  emergency  you can close V1 with disconnecting it's actuating power as shown on Atm3 if you have peumatic pressure 60 PSI 


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