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Entry  Thu Aug 17 22:54:49 2017, ericq, Update, Computers, Trying to access JetStor RAID files 
    Reply  Tue Aug 22 15:17:19 2017, ericq, Update, Computers, Old frames accessible again 
       Reply  Tue Aug 22 15:40:06 2017, gautam, Update, Computers, Old frames accessible again  
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             Reply  Tue Aug 22 18:36:46 2017, gautam, Update, Computers, All FE models compiled against RCG3.4 CDS_Aug22.png
                Reply  Fri Sep 1 16:55:27 2017, gautam, Update, Computers, Testpoints now accessible again 
Message ID: 13227     Entry time: Thu Aug 17 22:54:49 2017     Reply to this: 13239
Author: ericq 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Trying to access JetStor RAID files 

The JetStor RAID unit that we had been using for frame writing before the fb meltdown has some archived frames from DRFPMI locks that I want to get at. I spent some time today trying to mount it on optimus with no success crying

The unit was connected to fb via a SCSI cable to a SCSI-to-PCI card inside of fb. I moved the card to optimus, and attached the cable. However, no mountable device corresponding to the RAID seems to show up anywhere.

The RAID unit can tell that it's hooked up to a computer, because when optimus restarts, the RAID event log says "Host Channel 0 - SCSI Bus Reset."

The computer is able to get some sort of signals from the RAID unit, because when I change the SCSI ID, the syslog will say 'detected non-optimal RAID status'.

The PCI card is ID'd fine in lspci as "06:01.0 SCSI storage controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI (rev c1)"

'lsssci' does not list anything related to the unit

Using 'mpt-status -p', which is somehow associated with this kind of thing returns the disheartening output:

Checking for SCSI ID:0
Checking for SCSI ID:1
Checking for SCSI ID:2
Checking for SCSI ID:3
Checking for SCSI ID:4
Checking for SCSI ID:5
Checking for SCSI ID:6
Checking for SCSI ID:7
Checking for SCSI ID:8
Checking for SCSI ID:9
Checking for SCSI ID:10
Checking for SCSI ID:11
Checking for SCSI ID:12
Checking for SCSI ID:13
Checking for SCSI ID:14
Checking for SCSI ID:15
Nothing found, contact the author
I don't know what to try at this point.
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