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Message ID: 1320     Entry time: Wed Feb 18 19:13:20 2009
Author: rana 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Computers 
Subject: SVN & MEDM & old medm files 
Allegra had a 2 year old version of SVN installed and CentOS (yum) couldn't upgrade it, so I did an 'svn remove subversion'
and then a 'svn install subversion' to get us up to the Dec '08 version (1.5.5) which is the latest stable.

I also removed all of the old ASS medm directories without backing them up. There's a new RCG script version which is
fixed so that it no longer dumps these old medm directories in there; there's no need since there's already an
medm archive area.

I also removed the medm/old/ directory, did an svn remove, and then copied it back. This is the only way I know of
removing something from the repository without removing it from the working directory.
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