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Entry  Tue Aug 8 17:04:26 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, unintended pump down pumping_down.png
    Reply  Tue Aug 8 17:44:11 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, unintended pump down stopped_pumping.png
       Reply  Wed Aug 9 11:59:51 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, unintended pump down at vacuum normal pdc.pngpd80b@vacnormal.png
          Reply  Thu Aug 10 15:45:34 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, accidental vent to 17 Torr Mag_UPS.jpgUPSbatteryPack.jpgclosing_V1.jpg
             Reply  Mon Aug 21 16:35:48 2017, gautam, Update, VAC, UPS checkup 
                Reply  Wed Aug 23 10:11:46 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, vacuum valve specifications 
                   Reply  Tue Aug 29 15:35:19 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, vacuum pump specifications & manuals 1759489_995814a9-55c1-4fa1-b333-f446d272c1cc.jpg
Message ID: 13186     Entry time: Thu Aug 10 15:45:34 2017     In reply to: 13175     Reply to this: 13234
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: accidental vent to 17 Torr 

Finally we got the cold cathode gauge working. IFO pressure 7e-6 Torr-it, vacuum normal valve configuration with all 4 ion pump gate valves closed at ~ 9e-6 Torr.  The cryo pump was also pumped yesterday to remove the accumulated outgassing build up.

The accidental vent was my mistake; made when I was replacing the battery pack of the UPS. The installed pack measured 51 V without any load. The "replace battery" warning light did not go out after the batteries were replaced. 

I then mistakenly and repeatedly pushed the "test" button to reset this, but I did not wait long enough for the batterries to get fully charged. The test put the full load on the new batteries and their charging condition got worse. I made the mistake when trying to put the load from the battery to online and pushed "O" so the power was cut and the computer rebooted to the all off condition. On top of this, I disconnected the wrong V1 cable to close V1.  As the computer rebooted it's interlock closed V1 at 17 Torr.

Never hit O on the Vacuum UPS !

Note: the " all off " configuration should be all valves closed ! This should be fixed now.

In case of  emergency  you can close V1 with disconnecting it's actuating power as shown on Atm3 if you have peumatic pressure 60 PSI 

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