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Entry  Fri Jun 9 15:31:45 2017, gautam, Update, IMC, IMC wonkiness IMG_7409.JPG
    Reply  Fri Jun 9 17:45:21 2017, Gautam, Kaustubh, Update, IMC, IMC wonkiness 
       Reply  Fri Jun 9 19:18:10 2017, gautam, Update, IMC, IMC wonkiness MC2_UL_glitchy.pngMC2_glitch_fast.png
          Reply  Mon Jun 12 22:23:20 2017, rana, Update, IMC, IMC wonkiness 
          Reply  Tue Jun 13 08:40:32 2017, Steve, Update, IMC, IMC wonkiness happy_MC.pnglast_glitch.png
Message ID: 13061     Entry time: Mon Jun 12 22:23:20 2017     In reply to: 13058
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: IMC 
Subject: IMC wonkiness 

wonder if its possible that the slow glitches in MC are just glitches in MC2 trans QPD? Steve sometimes dances on top of the MC2 chamber when he adjusts the MC2 camera.

I've re-enabled the WFS at 22:25 (I think Gautam had them off as part of the MC2 glitch investigation). WFS1 spot position seems way off in pitch & yaw.

From the turn on transient, it seems that the cross-coupled loops have a time constant of ~3 minutes for the MC2 spot, so maybe that's not consistent with the ~30 second long steps seen earlier.

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