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Entry  Wed Jun 7 11:32:56 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, smooth vac reboot vac_reboot.png
Message ID: 13047     Entry time: Wed Jun 7 11:32:56 2017     In reply to: 0
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: smooth vac reboot 

Gautam and Steve,


The medm monitor & vac control screens were totally blank since ~ May 24, 2017    Experienced vacuum knowledge is required for this job.

IDENTIFY valve configuration:

                        How to confirm valve configuration when all vac mons are blank?  Each valve has a manual-mechanical position indicator. Look at pressure readings and turbo pump controllers. VAC NORMAL configuration was confirmed based on these information.

Preparation: disconnect valves ( disconnect meaning: valve closes and stays paralized ) in this sequence VC2, VC1 power, VA6, V5, V4 & V1 power,      at ifo pressure 7.3E-6 Torr-it  ( it  = InstruTech cold cathode gauge )

                            This gauge is independent from all other rack  mounted   instrumentation and it is still not logged.

                            Switching to this valve configuration with disconnected valves will insure NOT  venting of the vacuum envelope by accidental glitching voltage drop or computer malfunction.

RESET  v1Vac1 .........in 2-3 minutes........ ( v1Vac1 - 2 )  the vac control screen started reading pressures & position

                    Connected cables to valves (meaning: valve will open if it was open before it was disconnected and it will be control able from computer ) in the following order: V4, V1 power, V5, VA6, VC2 & VC1 power,      at ifo 2E-5 Torr-it.....

                     ....vac configuration is reading VAC NORMAL,

                     ifo 7.4E-6 Torr-it

We have to hook up the it-cold cathode gauge to be monitored - logged !  this should be the substitute for the out of order CC1 pressure gauge.

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