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Entry  Fri May 19 19:18:53 2017, Kaustubh, Summary, General, Testing of the new Photo Detectors ET-3010 and ET-3040 IMG_20170519_173247922.jpgIMG_20170519_173253252.jpgIMG_20170519_173300174.jpgPD_test_setup.png
    Reply  Mon May 22 18:20:27 2017, Kaustubh, Summary, General, Testing of the new Photo Detectors ET-3010 and ET-3040 ET-3040_test.zipET-3040_test.pdf
Message ID: 13005     Entry time: Mon May 22 18:20:27 2017     In reply to: 12999
Author: Kaustubh 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: Testing of the new Photo Detectors ET-3010 and ET-3040 

I am adding the text files with the data readings and paramater settings along with the Bode Plot of the data. I plotted these graphs using matplotlib module with python 2.7.



I got some hands-on-experience on using RF photodetectors and the Network Analyzer from Koji. There were newly purchased RF photodetectors from Electro-Optics Technology, Inc.. These were InGaAs Photodetectors with model no.: 120-10050-0001(ET-3010) and 120-10056-0001(ET-3040). The User Guide for the two detectors can be found here. This is the first time we bought the ET-3010 model PD for the 40m lab. It has an operation bandwith >1.5GHz(not tested yet), much higher than other PDs of its kind. This can be used for detecting the output as we 'sweep' the laser frequency for getting data on the optical cavities and the resonating modes inside the cavity. We just tested out the ET-3040 model today but will test out the ET-3010 next week...


Attachment 1: ET-3040_test.zip  12 kB  Uploaded Tue May 23 17:27:02 2017
Attachment 2: ET-3040_test.pdf  38 kB  Uploaded Thu May 25 00:31:23 2017  | Hide | Hide all
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