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Entry  Thu Apr 27 17:55:33 2017, Steve, Update, Cameras, which camera to use for IR scatterring pictures P4270081RAWolym.jpgImg0344.jpg
    Reply  Mon May 1 17:14:58 2017, Steve, Update, Cameras, ETMY & MC2 ccd cameras removed 
    Reply  Fri May 5 08:41:42 2017, Steve, Update, Cameras, MC2 resonant pictures P5040028MC2c.jpgIMG_3682.JPGIMG_3688.JPG
       Reply  Wed May 17 11:10:31 2017, Steve, Update, Cameras, MC2 CCD video camera back in place 
Message ID: 12996     Entry time: Wed May 17 11:10:31 2017     In reply to: 12973
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: MC2 CCD video camera back in place 

Olympus camera is removed and our old CCD camera is back to monitor the face of MC2


Olympus SP570 UZ - without  IR blocker, set up as Atm.3  Camera distance to MC  face ~85 cm,  IOO-MC_TRANS_SUM 16,300 counts, Lexan cover on not coated viewport.

Image mode: RAW + JPG,  M-costum,  manual focus,  Lens: Olympus 4.6 - 92 mm, f2.8 - 4.5,  Apeture: F2.8 - 8,  Image pick up device: 1/2.33" CCD (primary color filter)

Atm.1,       212k.jpg of raw 15 MB,  exp 0.025s,   apeture 2.97,  f 4.6,   iso 64,  

Atm.2,        Copied through my Cannon S100  (  3.3 MB.jpg of raw from UFraw photo shop )I will look up the original raw file for details.



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