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Message ID: 1299     Entry time: Thu Feb 12 18:35:10 2009
Author: Kakeru 
Type: Configuration 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PA current limitter 

I added a PA current limiter.
It is only a voltage devider (composed with 3.09k and 1.02k resiste) between DAC and PA current adjustment input.
The output range of DAC is +/- 10[V] and  the conversion factor of PA current adjustment is 0.84[A/V] (measured value), so the PA current adjustment is limited +/- 2.1[A] ( 10[V]*1.02k/(1.02k+3.09k)*0.84[A/V] ).

Actually, the manual of the PA tells that the conversion factor is 0.25[A/V].
There is 3 possibility.
1) There are some mistakes in channels of digital system.
2) The PA manual is wrong.
  2-1) The conversion factor of current adjustment is wrong.
  2-2) The conversion factor of current monitor is wrong.
I measured the signal of current adjustment and current monitor directly, and confirm that they are consistent to the value monitord from MEDM.
Hence the PA manual must be wrong, but I don't know which factor is wrong (or both?).
If the suspect 2-2) is guilty, it means we adjust PA current with very small range.
This is a completly safety way, but a wast of resource.

Now, the slider to control current adjustment indicate the output of DAC.
I will improve this to indicate  current adjustment input, but it takes some time for me to learn about EPICS.

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