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Entry  Wed Apr 19 15:46:24 2017, gautam, Update, General, 1611/1811 inventory check 
    Reply  Wed May 3 16:02:36 2017, Steve, Update, General, PI pzt inventory check IMG_3678.JPGPIpztETMYgreen.jpg
       Reply  Wed May 3 16:47:45 2017, Koji, Update, General, PI pzt inventory check 
Message ID: 12948     Entry time: Wed Apr 19 15:46:24 2017     Reply to this: 12964
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: 1611/1811 inventory check 

I looked through the lab area to do a fast photodiode inventory check, as we may need to buy some for the higher order mode spectroscopy SURF project. I looked on the following optical tables: ETMY, ITMY, BS, AS, PSL, SP, ITMX, Jenne laser table, and ETMX, as well as the photodiode cabinet, and could only find two 1611s. Here is a summary of the inventory: 

  • Power supply 0901: 2x in photodiode cabinet (E6 along the Y arm), 1x on Jenne laser table
  • Newfocus 1611 S/N 7284-WX, labelled "REF DET" on ITMY optical table, currently unused
  • Newfocus 1611 S/N 57109 on Jenne laser table

I have not yet checked if these photodiodes are in working order.


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