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Message ID: 1288     Entry time: Tue Feb 10 10:48:48 2009
Author: steve 
Type: Bureaucracy 
Category: SAFETY 
Subject: safety glasses scanned 
All 40m safety glasses are absorbent.
They were scanned by 180 mW  2mm spot size  of 1064 nm beam and  their  transmissions were measured
They showed no degradation.
UVEX 's  LOTG-YAG/CO2 glasses (fits over personal glasses) 11 pieces,
Glendale-XC by Bacou-Dalloz,  #1166218VLT68% , aerodynamic style, 7 pieces, (4 missing )
KG5- glasses , heavier- made out of glass, 3 pieces,
Thorlab's LG10, 1 piece
Old glasses by "Laser Glass" Nd-YAG, 2 pieces
Totaling 24
Atm.2  showing our muilty wavelength glasses of 1064 and 530 nm
Their transmittance for both wavelength were zero.
Note: if you have prescripton safety glasses I would like to scan it for you !



Attachment 1: sgscan1.png  1.179 MB  Uploaded Tue Feb 10 09:30:30 2009  | Hide | Hide all | Show all
Attachment 2: sgscan2.png  372 kB  Uploaded Tue Feb 10 09:31:05 2009  | Show | Hide all | Show all
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