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Entry  Thu Feb 23 15:48:43 2017, johannes, Update, Computers, c1psl un-bootable scope_PDA520_ITM_aligned_ETM_misaligned.pngscope_PDA520_ITM_slightly_misaligned.pngpmc_trans_last10days.png
    Reply  Thu Feb 23 18:52:53 2017, rana, Update, Computers, c1psl un-bootable 
       Reply  Thu Feb 23 19:44:48 2017, johannes, Update, Computers, c1psl un-bootable slow_startup_logs.tar.gz
          Reply  Fri Feb 24 20:38:01 2017, johannes, Update, Computers, c1psl boot-stall culprit identified 
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Message ID: 12852     Entry time: Fri Feb 24 20:38:01 2017     In reply to: 12851
Author: johannes 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: c1psl boot-stall culprit identified 

[Gautam, Johannes]

c1psl finally booted up again, PMC and IMC are locked.

Trying to identify the hickup from the source code was fruitless. However, since the PMCTRANSPD channel acqusition failure occured long before the actual slow machine crashed, and since the hickup in the boot seemed to indicate a problem with daughter module identification, we started removing the DIO and DAQ modules:

  1. Started with the ones whose fail LED stayed lit during the boot process: the DIN (XVME-212) and the three DACs (VMIVME4113). No change.
  2. Also removed the DOUT (XVME-220) and the two ADCs (VMIVME 3113A and VMIVME3123). It boots just fine and can be telnetted into!
  3. Pushed the DIN and the DACs back in. Still boots.
  4. Pushed only VMIVME3123 back in. Boot stalls again.
  5. Removed VMIVME3123, pushed VMIVME 3113A back in. Boots successfully.
  6. Left VMIVME3123 loose in the crate without electrical contact for now.
  7. Proceeded to lock PMC and IMC

The particle counter channel should be working again.

  • VMIVME3123 is a 16-Bit High-Throughput Analog Input Board, 16 Channels with Simultaneous Sample-and-Hold Inputs
  • VMIVME3113A is a Scanning 12-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter Module with 64 channels

/cvs/cds/caltech/target/c1psl/psl.db lists the following channels for VMIVME3123:

Channels currently in use (and therefore not available in the medm screens):


Channels not currently in use (?):

  • C1:PSL-126MOPA_126MON

There are plenty of channels available on the asynchronous ADC, so we could wire the relevant ones there if we done care about the 16 bit synchronous sampling (required for proper functionality?)

Alternatively, we could prioritize the Acromag upgrade on c1psl (DAQ would still be asynchronous, though). The PCBs are coming in next Monday and the front panels on Tuesday.



Some more info that might come in handy to someone someday:

The (nameless?) Windows 7 laptop that lives near MC2 and is used for the USB microscope was used for interfacing with c1psl. No special drivers were necessary to use the USB to RS232 adapter, and the RJ45 end of the grey homemade DB9 to RJ45 cable was plugged into the top port which is labeled "console 1". I downloaded the program "CoolTerm" from http://freeware.the-meiers.org/#CoolTerm, which is a serial protocol emulator, and it worked out of the box with the adapter. The standard settings fine worked for communicating with c1psl, only a small modification was necessary: in Options>Terminal make sure that "Enter Key Emulation" is set from "CR+LF" to "CR", otherwise each time 'Enter' is pressed it is actually sent twice.

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