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Message ID: 1280     Entry time: Fri Feb 6 14:49:31 2009
Author: steve 
Type: Summary 
Category: SAFETY 
Subject: laser inventory 
40M Laser Inventory at Feb 05, 2009

1, Lightwave PA#102 @ 77,910 hrs 1064nm of 2.8W @ 27.65A
                   NPRO#206 @ 2.4A                    at PSL enclosure............"Big Boy" is waiting for to be retired but not now.

2, Lightwave  NPRO 1064nm of 700mW  #415   at AP table.......cavity length measurements of Alberto

3, CrystaLaser  IRCL-100-1064S, 1064nmS of 100mW  ,sn#IR81132 at east arm cabinet

4, CrystaLaser 1064nm of 180mW # -1274 flq at scattering setup.........flashlight quality

5, RF-PD tester 1064nm of 1.2mW @20mA at SP table

6, Lumix 800-1100nm of 500mW at east arm cabinet

7, JDS-Uniphase 633nmP of 4mW oplev sus laser at 5 places,
    plus four spares in east arm cabinet
The same information is posted at the 40M WIKI also
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