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Entry  Thu Sep 3 02:12:08 2015, rana, Update, CDS, Simulink Webview updated 
    Reply  Thu Sep 3 13:25:40 2015, rana, Update, CDS, Simulink Webview updated crontab_150903.rtf
    Reply  Tue Jan 17 20:47:23 2017, rana, Update, CDS, Simulink Webview updated 
Message ID: 12727     Entry time: Tue Jan 17 20:47:23 2017     In reply to: 11564
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Simulink Webview updated 

Seems like this stops working every ~2 years. Its been busted since early 2016 according to cron, so I fixed up the paths and restored some missing files and committed things to the SVN (with comments!) and now its working and grabbing the Web viewable versions of the front end models. Just need to restore its viewability and then the world can watch our models any time.


Back in 2011, JoeB wrote some entries on how to automatically update the Simulink webview stuff.

Somehow, the cron broke down over the years. I reran the matlab file by hand today and it worked fine, so now you can see the up to date models using the internet.



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