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Entry  Wed Jan 11 19:20:23 2017, Max Isi, Update, Summary Pages, December outage 
    Reply  Thu Jan 12 23:22:34 2017, rana, Update, Summary Pages, December outage 
       Reply  Fri Jan 13 14:33:00 2017, MAX (not Rana), Update, Summary Pages, December outage 
Message ID: 12713     Entry time: Fri Jan 13 14:33:00 2017     In reply to: 12709
Author: MAX (not Rana) 
Type: Update 
Category: Summary Pages 
Subject: December outage 

PEM config file was also lacking a section named "summary", which is necessary for all parent tabs; this has now been solved. I have deactivated the MEDM pages because Praful's screencap script seemed to be broken (I should have logged this, I apologize).


Pages still not working: PEM and MEDM blank.

  • Committed existing MEDM grabbing scripts to SVN. Ran the cron job on megatron by hand. It grabs PNG files, but somehow its not getting into the summary pages.
  • Changed the MEDM grabbing scripts to use '/usr/bin/env'.
  • GW summary log files were numbering in the many thousands, so I moved everything over 320 days old into the OLD/ sub-directory using 'find . -type f -mtime +320 -exec mv {} OLD/ \;' (the semi-colon is needed)
  • Did apt-get upgrade on Megatron.
  • pinged Max
  • Stared at GWsumm docs to see if there's a clue about what (if anything) is wrong with the .ini file.


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