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Entry  Tue Dec 1 17:16:31 2015, gautam, Update, CDS, Script for copying BLRMS filters makeFilterFiles.bash.zip
    Reply  Wed Dec 2 18:54:20 2015, gautam, Update, CDS, Changes to C1MCS, C1PEM  
       Reply  Thu Dec 3 18:18:48 2015, gautam, Update, CDS, BLRMS for optics suspensions - library block 
          Reply  Fri Dec 4 18:20:36 2015, gautam, Update, CDS, BLRMS for IMC setup c1pem_timing.pngC1SUS_overclocked.png
             Reply  Mon Dec 7 00:45:28 2015, ericq, Update, CDS, daqd is mad 
                Reply  Mon Dec 7 10:45:21 2015, ericq, Update, CDS, daqd is mad 
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                   Reply  Mon Dec 14 23:56:29 2015, ericq, Update, CDS, c1pem reverted 
          Reply  Tue Apr 5 14:16:34 2016, gautam, Update, CDS, BLRMS for optics suspensions - library block UPDATED 
             Reply  Wed Nov 2 22:56:45 2016, gautam, Update, CDS, c1pem revamped 
                Reply  Thu Nov 3 12:38:42 2016, gautam, Update, CDS, c1pem revamped BLRMSresp.pdf
                   Reply  Thu Nov 3 13:36:16 2016, ericq, Update, CDS, c1pem revamped 
                   Reply  Fri Jan 27 21:21:35 2017, gautam, Update, CDS, c1pem revamped 
Message ID: 12595     Entry time: Thu Nov 3 12:38:42 2016     In reply to: 12592     Reply to this: 12597   12766
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: c1pem revamped 

A number of changes were made to C1PEM and some library parts. Recall that the motivation was to add BLRMS channels for all our suspension coils and shadow sensor PDs, which we are first testing out on the IMC mirrors.

Here is the summary:

BLRMS_2k library block

  • The name of the custom C code block in this library part was named 'BLRMSFILTER' which conflicted with the name of the function call in the C code it is linked to, which lead to compilation errors
  • Even though the part was found in /opt/rtcds/userapps/release/cds/c1/models and not in the common repository, just to be safe, I made a copy of the part called BLRMS_2k_40m which lives in the above directory. I also made a copy of the code it calls in /opt/rtcds/userapps/release/cds/c1/src

C1PEM model + filter channels

  • Adding the updated BLRMS_2k_40m library part still resulted in some compilation errors - specifically, it was telling me to check for missing links around the ADC parts
  • Eric suggested that the error messages might not be faithfully reporting what the problem is - true enough, the problem lay in the fact that c1pem wasn't updated to follow the namespace convention that we now use in all the RT models - the compiler was getting confused by the fact that the BLRMS stuff was in a namespace block called 'SUS', but the rest of the PEM stuff wasn't in such a block
  • I revamped c1pem to add namespace blocks called PEM and DAF, and put the appropriate stuff in the blocks, after which there were no more compilation errors
  • However, this namespace convention messed up the names of the filter modules and associated channels - this was resolved with Eric's help (find and replace did the job, this is a familiar problem that we had encountered not too long ago when C1IOO was similarly revamped...)
  • There was one last twist in that the model would compile and install, but just would not start. I tried the usual voodo of restarting all the models, and even did a soft reboot of c1sus, to no avail. Looking at dmesg, I tracked the problem down to a burt restore issue - the solution was to press the little 'BURT' button next to c1pem on the CDS overview MEDM screen as soon as it appeared while restarting the model

All the channels seem to exist, and FB seems to not be overloaded judging by the performance overnight up till the power outage. I will continue to monitor this...

GV Edit 3 Nov 2016 7pm:

I had meant to check the suitability of the filters used - there is a detailed account of the filters implemented in BLRMSFILTER.c here, and I quickly looked at the file on hand to make sure the BP filters made sense (see Attachment #1). These the BP filters are 8th order elliptical filters and the lowpass filters are16th order elliptical filters scaled for the appropriate frequency band, which are somewhat different from what we use on the seismometer BLRMS channels, where the filters are order 4, but I don't think we are significantly overloaded on the computational aspect, and the lowpass filters have sufficiently steep roll-off, these should be okay...

Attachment 1: BLRMSresp.pdf  88 kB  Uploaded Thu Nov 3 20:54:51 2016  | Hide | Hide all
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