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Entry  Mon Aug 15 14:10:56 2011, Jenne, Update, SUS, Monday SUS update 7x
    Reply  Mon Aug 15 17:36:10 2011, jamie, Update, SUS, Strangeness with ETMY (was: Monday SUS update) 
    Reply  Tue Aug 30 09:51:37 2016, Steve, Update, SUS, the chamber HEPA tents are back ETMYtentHEPA.jpgvented_for_60_days.png
       Reply  Wed Aug 31 23:01:02 2016, gautam, Update, SUS, the chamber HEPA tents are back 
          Reply  Thu Sep 1 15:40:52 2016, Steve, Update, SUS, HEPAs on each chamber door chamberDoorHepaEA.pdf
Message ID: 12453     Entry time: Tue Aug 30 09:51:37 2016     In reply to: 5239     Reply to this: 12458
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: the chamber HEPA tents are back 

How to minimize particles entering the vacuum envelope.


Just the way it was in August 2011 vent and before.

The portable HEPAs were set up at ETMY and ITMY with CP STAT 100 curtains.

The  40m particles on the floor at ITMY 3000-5000 counts  of 0.5 micron cf / min and 0.3 micron size particles are 55,000 - 65,000 counts cf / min

At this condition the MET One Counter #3 on the floor inside the tent goes to zero count  of 0.5 micron and 20-40 counts cf / min  for 0.3 micron when the tent is slightly overpressured.






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