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Message ID: 12427     Entry time: Sun Aug 21 17:21:22 2016
Author: Praful 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Problems with PCB Circuit 

For the past week, I've been trying to make a soldered amplifier circuit to use in a prototype box, However, I've been running into this same issue. The circuit, pictured below, works fine on a solderless breadboard.


When I amplify a sine wave, I get a clean looking result at the output on the solderless breadboard:

However, on my soldered circuit, if I turn up the negative voltage supply from the power supply past about -12.5V (the target is -15V), I get a strange signal that Gautam suggested looks like some kind of discharging.

At -12.3 V (soldered breadboard):

At -15.0 V (soldered breadboard):

The signal is much noisier. Zooming in on this second signal, this pattern appears:

This pattern is also showing up even when there is no input from the function generator and the circuit is just given a voltage supply of +/- 15V:

I have tried switching out both the positive and negative voltage regulators, the opamp, and remaking and resoldering the entire circuit but I'm still getting the same signal, which is absent from the solderless circuit. This output was produced with a function generator, so I have also ruled out the microphone as a source of this extra noise. The voltage dependence of this problem made me think it was the voltage regulator, but I've switched out the voltage regulator multiple times and it's still showing up. I'm not sure why this signal appears only as the negative voltage supply is increased- there is no problem with increasing the positive input voltage. Please let me know if you have any ideas as to what component or issue could be causing this.

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