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Message ID: 12360     Entry time: Mon Aug 1 18:50:29 2016
Author: Aakash 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Acromag Setup | SURF2016 

There were many unknown and unsolved problems with using modbusApp for linux-arm architecture. So I tried to install the necessary files to setup Acromag Busworks card 1221-000 on Zita(, which is a linux-x86_64 machine on the martian network. After installing a few dependencies and seting up few symbolic links for some libraries, everything is successfully configured. Initially I was unable to run myiocconfig.cmd file(as mentioned by Aiden on ATF wiki page) due to a undefined macro error for envset. Later I found that this error might be due to THIS bug in epics base. So, I removed the first four lines of that given code and directly referenced the .db file's location and it worked.

Now, I am facing another issue while running this file but on different line. Random symbols are returned on the last second line of the file each time I run it. I have attached the screenshots of those errors. I tried changing the encoding of the file several times but still it is showing the same error.


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