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Entry  Wed Jul 6 16:40:09 2016, Aakash, Update, General, Seismometer Enclosure Development | SURF 2016 AD592CNZ_avg.pngAD592CNZ_diff.png
    Reply  Wed Jul 6 20:51:00 2016, Koji, Update, General, Seismometer Enclosure Development | SURF 2016 
Message ID: 12253     Entry time: Wed Jul 6 16:40:09 2016     Reply to this: 12256
Author: Aakash 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Seismometer Enclosure Development | SURF 2016 

I am using AD592CNZ temperature transducer ICs for measuring temperature inside as well as outside the enclosure. It is a  current output IC which outputs current proportional to temperature. As mentioned in the data sheet of AD592, I am using the following two schematics:


Though I still need to calibrate these temperature transducers, I did some measurements. I have temperature readings, and now my goal in few days is to find a transfer function of temperature fluctuations inside the enclosure to outside the enclosure.


About data acquisition:

We have re-configured the raspberry pi(B8:27:EB:70:D0:D8) on martian network. It's new ip address is Also, we have added the Acromag Busworks card(00:01:C3:00:9F:C8) on the martian network and its ip address is   

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