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Message ID: 12251     Entry time: Wed Jul 6 10:58:29 2016
Author: Varun 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: DAFI review 

The DAFI block was reviewed by Rana yesterday. The following changes/improvements were suggested: (Updated on 20th July 2016 with tasks taat remain in red)

1) include all the various channels like PEM, LSC, ASC, SUS, SEI, etc. as the inputs. Currently the inputs are only the LSC.
2) include all the control signals.
3) create a very detailed diagram of the entire signal flow and plan tasks accordingly.
4) Enable cascading of various DSP processes.
5) Adjusting the gain of the AGC such that the amplitude of the output signal comes to about half the peak amplitude offered by the ADC. This will help taking advantage of the entire dynamic range of the ADC.
6) change the enable button styles from a text input based controller to a button controller.
7) Currently, disabling a particular signal terminates the signal. Instead, it should turn into a unity gain block on disabling.
8) Check if the Fibox does AC coupling or not. If not, add an AC coupling arrangement in the DAFI.
9) Check the nature of the ADC1 and ADC2 inputs to the DAFI. I checked them yesterday, and they are channels 25 and 26 of ADC0, which are empty.

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