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Entry  Tue Jun 21 11:26:42 2016, varun, Frogs, CDS, medm command not working 
    Reply  Tue Jun 21 11:49:29 2016, ericq, Frogs, CDS, medm command not working 
Message ID: 12208     Entry time: Tue Jun 21 11:49:29 2016     In reply to: 12207
Author: ericq 
Type: Frogs 
Category: CDS 
Subject: medm command not working 

The workstations' .bashrc is a symbolic link to /users/controls/.bashrc

In it, someone commented out the critical line:

#source /ligo/cdscfg/workstationrc.sh

I uncommented it. medm (and all of the other things like cdsutils) work again.

I blame jamie.

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