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Entry  Tue Jun 21 04:01:09 2016, ericq, Update, LSC, Y arm @ 30kHz UGF w/POY, AO inloop_outloop.pdfxarm.pdfyolg.png
    Reply  Wed Jun 22 08:40:42 2016, rana, Update, LSC, Y arm @ 30kHz UGF w/POY, AO 
Message ID: 12205     Entry time: Tue Jun 21 04:01:09 2016     Reply to this: 12210
Author: ericq 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: Y arm @ 30kHz UGF w/POY, AO 

With the newly amplified POY signal, locking the mode cleaner to the Y arm at ~30kHz bandwidth was quite straightforward. The offset jumps still happen, and are visible in POY11_I_ERR, but are never big enough to cause much power degradation in TRY (except when turning on CM board boosts, but its still not enough to lose lock). The script which accomplishes this is at scripts/YARM, and is in the svn. The MC2/AO crossover is at about 150Hz with 40deg margin.

For now, I'm using IN1 of the CM board, because I haven't removed the op27s that I put into IN2's gain stages. I believe the slew rate limitations of these prevent them from working completely during the offset jumps. I'll put AD829s back soon. 

At first, I had ITMX misalgined to use AS55 as an out of loop sensor, then I aligned and locked the X arm on POX to compare.

Weirdly enough, locking the mode cleaner to the Y arm with 30kHz UGF and two boosts on make no real visible difference in the X arm control signal. This is strange, as the whole point of this affair was to remove the presumably large influence of frequency noise on the X arm signals... Maybe this is injecting too much POY sensor noise?


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