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Entry  Mon Jun 13 20:01:30 2016, varun, Update, CDS, DAFI GUI update C1DAF_OVERVIEW.pngC1DAF_INPUTS.pngC1DAF_LSC.pngMONITOR.png
    Reply  Tue Jun 14 20:10:19 2016, varun, Update, CDS, DAFI GUI update C1DAF_OVERVIEW.pnginput_matrix.pngoutput_matrix.png
       Reply  Wed Jun 15 22:12:55 2016, varun, Update, CDS, DAFI update: stereo output IMG_20160615_145535907.jpgIMG_20160615_145413005_HDR.jpgIMG_20160616_101229499.jpgIMG_20160616_101157096.jpg
          Reply  Wed Jun 22 10:15:45 2016, varun, Update, CDS, DAFI update: stereo output C1DAF_OVERVIEW.pngDAF_link_from_LSC.png
             Reply  Mon Jun 27 15:12:09 2016, varun, Update, CDS, DAFI update: stereo output IMG_20160627_151753247.jpg
Message ID: 12185     Entry time: Wed Jun 15 22:12:55 2016     In reply to: 12180     Reply to this: 12211
Author: varun 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: DAFI update: stereo output 

I wish to have stereo audio output for the DAF module. Hence, there needs to be a second output from the DAF. I added this second output to the model. Following are the details:

FiBox: It consists of two analog inputs which are digitized and multiplexed and transmitted optically. (only 1 fiber is needed due to multiplexing). Attachment 1 shows the fibox with its 2 analog inputs (one of which, is connected), and 1 fiber output. The output of the DAF goes to the FiBox. Until today, the Fibox recieved only 1 analog input. This analog signal comes from the DAC-8 (count starting from 0), which is located at "CH 1 OUT" SMA output in the "MONITORS" bin on the racks (attachment 2).

I have added another output channel to the DAF model both in software and in hardware. The DAF now also uses DAC-9 analog output which goes to the second analog input of the FiBox. The DAC-9 output is located at "CH 2 OUT" SMA output in the "MONITORS" bin on the racks (attachment 4).

After making the changes, the Fibox is shown in attacment 3.

Testing: The LSC input on passing through the DAF block is given through two different DAC outputs, to the same Fibox channel (one after the other), and the output is heard. More concrete testing will be done tomorrow. It will be as follows:

1) Currently, I need to search for a suitable cable that would connect the second channel of the output fibox to the audio mixer. After doing this, end to end testing of both channels will be done.

2) I could not access the AWG, probably because the DAQ was offline today afternoon. Using a signal from the AWG will give a more concrete testing of the stereo output.

3) After this, I will separate the two channels of the stereo completely (currectly they are seperated only at the DAF output stage)

4) I also will edit the medm gui appropriately.



I have added Enable buttons for each of the DSP blocks, and labels for the matrix elements. The input matrix takes inputs from each of the 4 channels: ADC1, ADC2, LSC and EXC, and routes them to the audio processing blocks (attachment 2). The output matrix (attachment 3) takes the outputs of the various DSP blocks and routes them to the output and then to the speakers. 


Attachment 1: IMG_20160615_145535907.jpg  2.440 MB  Uploaded Wed Jun 15 23:13:40 2016  | Hide | Hide all | Show all
Attachment 2: IMG_20160615_145413005_HDR.jpg  2.558 MB  Uploaded Wed Jun 15 23:14:01 2016  | Hide | Hide all | Show all
Attachment 3: IMG_20160616_101229499.jpg  2.771 MB  Uploaded Thu Jun 16 11:33:22 2016  | Hide | Hide all | Show all
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