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Entry  Tue Jun 14 19:37:40 2016, jamie, Update, CDS, Overnight daqd test underway 
    Reply  Wed Jun 15 09:52:02 2016, jamie, Update, CDS, Very encouraging results from overnight split daqd test 
       Reply  Wed Jun 15 11:21:51 2016, jamie, Update, CDS, still work to do to transition to new configuration/code 
          Reply  Thu Jun 16 16:11:11 2016, jamie, Update, CDS, upgrade aborted for now 
Message ID: 12179     Entry time: Tue Jun 14 19:37:40 2016     Reply to this: 12181
Author: jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Overnight daqd test underway 

I'm running another overnight test with new daqd software on fb1.  The normal daqd process on fb has been shutdown, and the front ends are sending their signals to fb1.

fb1 is running separate data concentrator (dc) and  frame writer (fw) processes, to see if this is a more stable configuration than the all-in-one framebuilder (fb) that we have been trying to run with.  I'll report on the test tomorrow.

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