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Message ID: 12148     Entry time: Fri Jun 3 13:05:18 2016
Author: ericq 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: CDS Notes 

Some CDS related things:

Keith Thorne has told us about a potential fix for our framebuilder woes. Jamie is going to be at the 40m next week to implement this, which could interfere with normal interferometer operation - so plan accordingly. 

I spent a little time doing some plumbing in the realtime models for Varun's audio processing work. Specifically, I tried to spin up a new model (C1DAF), running on the c1lsc machine. This included:

  • Removing the unused TT3 and TT4 parts from the IOO block in c1ass.mdl, freeing up some DAC outputs on the LSC rack
  • Adding an output row to the LSC input matrix which pipes to a shared memory IPC block. (This seemed like the simplest way for the DAFI model to have access to lots of signals with minimal overhead).
  • Removing two unused ADC inputs from c1lsc.mdl (that went to things like PD_XXX), to give c1daf.mdl the required two ADC inputs - and to give us the option of feeding in some analog signals.
  • Editing the rtsystab file to include c1daf in the list of models that run on c1lsc
  • Editing the existing DAFI .mdl file (which just looked like an old recolored cut-n-paste of c1ioo.mdl) to accept the IPC and ADC connections, and one DAC output that would go to the fibox. 

The simple DAFI model compiled and installed without complaint, but doesn't succesfully start. For some reason, the frontend never takes the CPU offline. Jamie will help with this next week. Since things aren't working, these changes have not been commited to the userapps svn. 

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