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Message ID: 12138     Entry time: Fri May 27 02:52:53 2016
Author: ericq 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: Restoring high BW single arm control 

I've been futzing with the common mode servo, trying to engage the AO path with POY for high bandwidth control of a single arm lock. I'm able to pull in the crossover and get a nice loop shape, but keep getting tripped up by the offset glitches from the CM board gain steps, so can't get much more than a 1kHz UGF.

As yutaro measured, these can be especially nasty at the major carrier transitions (i.e. something like 0111->1000). This happens at the +15->+16dB input gain step; the offset step is ~200x larger than the in-loop error signal RMS, so obviously there is no hope of keeping the loop engaged when recieving this kind of kick. Neither of the CM board inputs are immune from this, as I have empirically discovered. I can turn down the initial input gain to try and avoid this step occuring anywhere in the sequence, but then the SNR at high frequencies get terrible and I inject all kinds of crud into the mode cleaner, making the PC drive furious.

I think we're able to escape this when locking the full IFO because the voltages coming out of REFL11 are so much larger than the puny POY signals so the input-referred glitches aren't as bad. I think in the past, we used AS55 with a misaligned ITMX for this kind of single arm thing, which probably gives better SNR, but the whole point of this is to keep the X arm aligned and lock it to the Y-arm stabilized PSL. 

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