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Entry  Fri May 20 17:36:06 2016, gautam, Update, LSC, New stands for TransMon/Oplev QPDs 
    Reply  Wed Jun 1 09:06:38 2016, Steve, Update, LSC, New stands for TransMon/Oplev QPDs pdIb.PDFpdstand.pdf
Message ID: 12124     Entry time: Fri May 20 17:36:06 2016     Reply to this: 12142
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: New stands for TransMon/Oplev QPDs 

As we realized during the EX table switch, the transmitted beam height from the arm is not exactly 4" relative to the endtable, it is more like 4.75" at the X-end (yet to be investigated at the Y-end). As a result, the present configuration involves the steering optics immediately before the Oplev and TransMon QPDs sending the beam downwards at about 5 degrees. Although this isn't an extremely large angle, we would like to have things more level. For this purpose, Steve has ordered some Aluminium I-beams (1/2 " thick) which we can cut to size as we require. The idea is to have the QPD enclosures mounted on these beams and then clamped to the table. One concern was electrical isolation - but Steve thinks Delrin washers between the QPD enclosure and the mount will suffice. We will move ahead with getting these machined once I investigate the situation at the Y end as well.. The I beams should be here sometime next week...

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