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Entry  Mon Sep 29 11:17:14 2008, steve, Update, SAFETY, horizontal viewports are protected with lexan 
    Reply  Wed Mar 30 11:35:24 2016, steve, Update, safety, BS visitor's viewport is protected with lexan 
Message ID: 12054     Entry time: Wed Mar 30 11:35:24 2016     In reply to: 1004
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: safety 
Subject: BS visitor's viewport is protected with lexan 

The four horizontal viewports of arms are protected
by 3/8" thick, 8.5" OD Lexan disk of MR10 Polycarbonate.

ITMX, ETMX, ITMY and ETMY ccd cameras are not focused now.

BS visitor's viewport glass is now covered with Lexan MR10

this Lexan cover is in vertical orientation so becomes lose when the black anodized cover is removed.
It needs to be held in place

while it's housing is taken off.
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