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Entry  Tue Jan 26 15:07:47 2016, Steve, Update, PEM, accelerometers moved to ETMX ETMX_floor_vs_optab.pngETMX_floor_vs_optabtop.png
    Reply  Wed Jan 27 08:17:38 2016, Steve, Update, PEM, ETMX floor vs table noise 6x
       Reply  Wed Jan 27 20:51:00 2016, rana, Update, PEM, ETMX floor vs table noise 
          Reply  Wed Jan 27 23:14:25 2016, gautam, Update, PEM, ETMX floor vs table noise X_end_ACC_Data.pngX_End_ACC_Data.xml.tar.gz
Message ID: 11954     Entry time: Wed Jan 27 20:51:00 2016     In reply to: 11952     Reply to this: 11955
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: ETMX floor vs table noise 

I didn't really appreciate this measurement until just now. IF you can save the DTT .xml file with all the traces in it (i.e. NOT just the plots), we should save this data for comparison plotting later. Perhaps Gautam can post the gzipped xml file for you into the log.

The accelerometers don't read any real noise below ~3 Hz, so we can't judge the difference down low, but this seems like a good measurement in the 5 - 100 Hz band.yes

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