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Entry  Mon Oct 26 19:10:59 2015, gautam, Update, Green Locking, AUX PDH loop characterization 
    Reply  Tue Dec 8 23:24:08 2015, gautam, Update, Green Locking, Y end laser (Lightwave) PZT calibration Ycalib_8Dec.pdf
       Reply  Sun Dec 13 21:55:28 2015, gautam, Update, Green Locking, Y end laser (Lightwave) PZT calibration IMG_5972.JPGServoY_TF_13Dec2015.pdfDatanCode.zipPSD_916Hz.pdf
          Reply  Mon Dec 14 16:27:11 2015, gautam, Update, Green Locking, Y-end AUX PDH noise breakdown YAUX_NB_Dec2015.pdfPDH_errSig_Calib.pdf
             Reply  Mon Jan 4 16:45:11 2016, gautam, Update, Green Locking, Y-end AUX PDH noise breakdown ErrSigBreakdown.pdfcontrolSigBreakdown.pdfYEnd_PDH_OLTF.pdf
          Reply  Mon Jan 4 16:09:54 2016, gautam, Update, Green Locking, Y end laser (Lightwave) PZT calibration choosingExcFreqs.pdflaserPZTcalib.pdf
Message ID: 11906     Entry time: Mon Jan 4 16:09:54 2016     In reply to: 11877
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: Y end laser (Lightwave) PZT calibration 


I redid this measurement and have now determined the actuator gain to be 4.61 +/- 0.10 MHz/V. This is now pretty consistent with the expected value of ~5MHz/V as reported here.


I made the following changes to the old methodology:

  1. Instead of integrating around the excitation frequency, I am now just taking the ratio of peak heights (phase tracker output / error signal monitor) to determine the actuator gain.
  2. I had wrongly assumed that the phase tracker output was calibrated to green Hz and not IR Hz, so I was dividing by two where this was not necessary. I think this explains why my previous measurement yielded an answer approximately half the expected value.

I also took spectra of the phase tracker output and error signal to make sure I was choosing my excitation frequencies in regions where there were no peaks already present (Attachment #1).

The scatter of measured actuator gains at various excitation frequencies is shown in Attachment #2.

Attachment 1: choosingExcFreqs.pdf  130 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: laserPZTcalib.pdf  39 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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