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Entry  Tue Dec 1 10:52:52 2015, Steve, Update, General, Dataviewer xAxisEndMissing.png
    Reply  Tue Dec 1 16:55:04 2015, Steve, Update, VAC, Dataviewer fixed 10yrsCC1&4M.png
Message ID: 11832     Entry time: Tue Dec 1 16:55:04 2015     In reply to: 11830
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Dataviewer fixed 

Q adjusted the Dataviewer so it is not chopping of data any more. Thanks.


Cold cathode gauge reading of 10 years.


Attachment 1: 10yrsCC1&4M.png  380 kB  Uploaded Wed Dec 2 09:13:37 2015  | Hide | Hide all
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