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Entry  Mon Nov 16 16:18:34 2015, gautam, Update, General, water leak along Y-arm? 
    Reply  Tue Nov 17 10:06:53 2015, Steve, Update, General, water leak in east arm eastArmLeakyPipeInsideWall.jpgwd18ft.jpg
Message ID: 11767     Entry time: Mon Nov 16 16:18:34 2015     Reply to this: 11771
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: water leak along Y-arm? 

A Caltech maintenance staff dropped by at around noon today, and told me that he had seen a small puddle of water on the other side of the door along the Y-arm that is kept locked (about 10m from the end-table, on the south side of the arm). He suspected a leak in the lab. Koji and I went down to the said door and observed that there was indeed a small puddle of water accumulated there. There isn't any obvious source of a leak on our side of the door, although the walls tiles in the area suggest that there could be a leak in one of the pipes running through the wall/under the floor. In any case, the leak doesn't seem too dramatic, and we have decided to consult Steve as to what is to be done about this once he is back on Wednesday.

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