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Entry  Fri Oct 9 11:41:09 2015, ericq, Update, VAC, N2 Pressure fell 
    Reply  Fri Oct 16 18:27:52 2015, Steve, Update, VAC, vacuum normal condition oct16Fpm2015.png
       Reply  Tue Oct 20 16:27:04 2015, ericq, Update, VAC, vacuum VME machines rebooted 
          Reply  Wed Oct 21 10:03:15 2015, Steve, Update, VAC, after running out of N2 1d_after_reboot.png
             Reply  Wed Oct 21 15:42:56 2015, Steve, Update, VAC, vacuum gauge check Gauges.png
                Reply  Tue Oct 27 10:08:12 2015, Steve, Update, VAC, CC vacuum gauges gauges_5y_vs_8d.png13.9yCC1&4.png
                   Reply  Mon Dec 7 11:17:51 2015, Steve, Update, VAC, noisy RGA scan at day 433 433dRGAscan.png
                      Reply  Tue Dec 8 15:40:48 2015, Steve, Update, VAC, glitchy RGA scan at day 434 lessGlichingToday.png
                         Reply  Wed Dec 9 11:25:55 2015, Steve, Update, VAC, normal RGA scan at day 435-436 glichesGone.pngd436.png
                            Reply  Fri Jan 29 09:59:23 2016, Steve, Update, VAC, vacuum control upgrade 1100days.png
             Reply  Thu Oct 22 08:52:04 2015, Steve, Update, VAC, clean RGA scan after sweaty Maglev clean_scan.png
          Reply  Fri Sep 30 10:37:57 2016, Steve, Update, VAC, vacuum VME machines rebooted rebooted.png
Message ID: 11678     Entry time: Fri Oct 9 11:41:09 2015     Reply to this: 11695
Author: ericq 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: N2 Pressure fell 

At 10:02AM, the N2 Pressure fell below 60 PSI. The watch script saw this happen, but I did not recieve the email it is supposed to send frown

C1:Vac-P1_pressure reads 7e-4, which is the same as it has for the past ~2 days, so the V1 interlock worked fine. 

I've put some fresh N2 into the system, and Bob will pop in over the weekend to check it. I'll stay on top of it until Steve gets back. 

After consulting ELOGs and the 40m wiki, I reasoned it was ok to open the V1 to reconnect the turbo pump to the main IFO volume and VM1 to reconnect the RGA, and have now done so. 

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