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Entry  Mon Aug 25 15:50:18 2008, rana, Summary, PEM, Ranger SS-1 
    Reply  Tue Dec 2 19:18:10 2008, rana, Summary, PEM, Ranger SS-1 
Message ID: 1167     Entry time: Tue Dec 2 19:18:10 2008     In reply to: 881
Author: rana 
Type: Summary 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Ranger SS-1 
In entry http://dziban.ligo.caltech.edu:40/40m/881 and a follow up from Jenne I put in the Ranger calibration.
Since then, we've reduced the SR560 gain from 200 to 100 so the calibration factor is now:

1e-9 (m/s)/count and then 2 poles at 0 Hz, and a Q~1 zero pair at 1 Hz.
in DTT:
G = 1e-9
p = 0, 0
z = 0.7 0.7
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