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Entry  Mon Nov 24 19:15:16 2008, rana, alberto, john, Configuration, Environment, temperature 
    Reply  Tue Nov 25 19:29:15 2008, rana, alberto, john, Configuration, Environment, temperature 
       Reply  Thu Nov 27 22:56:42 2008, rana, Configuration, Environment, temperature mc.png
Message ID: 1161     Entry time: Mon Nov 24 19:15:16 2008     Reply to this: 1163
Author: rana, alberto, john 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Environment 
Subject: temperature 
The PSL Room Temperature was alarming because it had gone above 23 C. This set off an unfortunate chain of events:

We found that the PSL HEPA was set low (20%). This is a fine setting for when no one is working in there but it
does raise the temperature since there are heat sources inside the blue box.

We tried to change the office area temperature to compensate and also the westmost sensor inside the lab area by 2 deg F.

The office area one was problematic - there was so much dust in it that the gas valve nipple was clogged. So we've
now blown it all clean with a compressed air can. We're now tuning the calibration screw to make our new
digital sensor agree with the setpoint on the controller.

Expect wild temperature swings of the office area for a couple days while Alberto and I tune the servo.
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