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Entry  Thu Aug 13 20:32:07 2015, Ignacio, Update, LSC, Working towards YARM FF  
    Reply  Thu Aug 13 23:57:33 2015, Ignacio, Update, LSC, YARM coherence plots YARM_psd.pngYARM_GUR1_COH.pngYARM_STS_COH.pngYARM_GUR1_COH.png
    Reply  Fri Aug 14 21:40:26 2015, Ignacio, Update, LSC, Quick static offline subtractions of YARM arms_wiener.png
    Reply  Sat Aug 15 02:10:35 2015, Ignacio, Update, LSC, MCL FF => YARM FF YARM_LIVES.png
    Reply  Wed Aug 19 00:55:35 2015, Ignacio, Update, LSC, LSC-YARM-EXC to LSC-YARM-IN1 TF measurement + error analysis master_plot.pngcoherence.png
Message ID: 11503     Entry time: Thu Aug 13 20:32:07 2015     Reply to this: 11504   11508   11510   11515
Author: Ignacio 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: Working towards YARM FF  

The mode cleaner FF static filtering is by no means done. More work has to be done in order to succefuly implement it, by the means of fine tuning the IIR fit and finding better MISO Wiener filters. 

I have begun to look at implementing FF to the YARM cavity for several reasons.

1) Even if the mode cleaner FF is set up as best as we can, there will still be seismic noise coupling into the arm cavities.

2) YARM is in the way of the beam path. When locking the IFO, one locks YARM first, then XARM. This means that it makes sense to look at YARM FF first rather than XARM.

3) XARM FF can't be done now since GUR2 is sketchy.

I'm planning on using this eLOG entry to document my Journey and Adventures (Chapter 2: YARM) to the OPTIMAL land of zero-seismic-noise (ZSN) at the 40m telescope.


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