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Entry  Sat Aug 1 17:04:29 2015, Eve, Update, Summary Pages, States and Triggers in SPs 
    Reply  Wed Sep 9 11:33:58 2015, rana, Update, Summary Pages, Summary Page updates 
Message ID: 11474     Entry time: Sat Aug 1 17:04:29 2015     Reply to this: 11585
Author: Eve 
Type: Update 
Category: Summary Pages 
Subject: States and Triggers in SPs 

I've added states to the summary pages to only show data for times at which one certain channel is above a specified threshold. So far, I've incorporated states for the IOO tab to show when the mode cleaner is locked.

You can see these changes implemented in the IOO tab of my personal summary pages for June 30: https://ldas-jobs.ligo.caltech.edu/~eve.chase/summary/day/20150630/ioo/.

I've written a description of how to add states to summary pages here: https://wiki-40m.ligo.caltech.edu/DailySummaryHelp#How_to_Define_and_Implement_States.

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