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Entry  Mon Jun 1 10:26:53 2015, ericq, Update, CDS, RCG Upgrade Imminent 
    Reply  Mon Jun 1 20:05:36 2015, rana, Update, CDS, RCG Upgrade Imminent 
    Reply  Mon Jun 8 15:51:31 2015, ericq, Update, CDS, RCG Diagnostics newTST.png
       Reply  Wed Jul 22 14:10:04 2015, ericq, Update, CDS, RCG Diagnostics filterShapes.pngCDS_diag_codes.zip
Message ID: 11347     Entry time: Mon Jun 8 15:51:31 2015     In reply to: 11340     Reply to this: 11435
Author: ericq 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: RCG Diagnostics 

I've started making some model changes for RCG diagnostic tests. 

I put some blocks down in C1TST and C1RFM to test the delays of all-digital loops and one loop with a direct DAC->ADC (which currently uses a janky 1-pin lemo -> BNC -> 2-pin lemo situation (which will be improved)). 

Here's what C1TST looks like now. 

I've taken TFs of all three loops. The all digital loops are flat on the order of microdBs. 

The delay in loop A (single loop, one model) is consistent with one 16k cycle, plus or minus 0.25 nsec. 

The delay in loop C (single loop, two models connected via RFM) is consistent with two 16k cycles, plus or minus 0.5 nsec. 

I haven't yet grabbed the whitening and AA/AI shapes for loopB, to calibrate the real delay. 

All of these files currently live in /users/ericq/2015-06-CDSdiag, but I'll make somewhere outside of the user directory to collect all of these tests soon. 

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