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Message ID: 1133     Entry time: Thu Nov 13 15:50:44 2008
Author: Alberto 
Type: Configuration 
Category: General 
Subject: GPS 10MHz clock 
The schematic of the 1Y7 rack that Alan pointed out (see attachment) don't represent anymore the actual rack.
First, with Yoichi we found that the GPS receiver for the 10 MHz is in a different position,
on the other side of the VME computer. It seems to output 1 kHz, which also appears in some modulated way.
This signal is then passed to a board on 1Y7 that seems make just copies of the signal. One of these goes
to an other board in 1Y6 that looks like a GPS receiver but has actually no GPs antenna input. Here it is
not connected to anything, but on its same crate is a the awg computer, so it might be providing the clock
to that by the crate.

We also checked the clock monitor output on the boards in the PSL that provides for the clock to the Penteks
and it seems that these are actually getting 4MHz.
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rackstuff.pdf rackstuff.pdf rackstuff.pdf rackstuff.pdf
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