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Message ID: 11286     Entry time: Tue May 12 12:04:41 2015
Author: manasa 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Some maintenance 

* Relocked IMC. I guess it was stuck somewhere in the autlocker loop. I disabled autolocker and locked it manually. Autolocker has been reenabled and seems to be running just fine.

* The X arm has been having trouble staying locked. There seemed to be some amount of gain peaking. I reduced the gain from 0.007 to 0.006.

*  I disabled the triggered BounceRG filter : FM8 in the Xarm filter module.  We already have a triggered Bounce filter: FM6 that takes care of the noise at bounce/roll frequencies. FM8 was just adding too much gain at 16.5Hz. Once this filter was disabled the X arm lock has been much more stable. 
Also, the Y arm doesn't use FM8 for locking either.


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