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Message ID: 11274     Entry time: Tue May 5 16:02:57 2015     In reply to: 11262
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Vac Summery Channels with discription 

As it was requested by the Bos.

It would be nice to read from the epic screen C1:Vac-state_mon.......Current State: Vacuum Normal, valve configuration



                    Function                                              Description                                             Interlock         


 Main volume of 40m interferro meter        P=Pirani gauge, Pressure range: ATM-760  to 1e-4 Torr at 3 mT close V1 and PSL shutter
C1:Vac-P2_pressure  Maglev foreline pressure

Maglev is the main pump of our vacuum system below 500 mTorr

It's long term pressure has to be <500 mTorr                  

 at 6 Torr close V1 
C1:Vac-P3_pressure  annuloses

 Each chamber has it's own annulos. These small volumes are indipendent from main volume.     Their  pressure  ranges are <5 mTorr at vac. normal valve configuration.

C1:Vac-CC1_pressure  IFO main volume

CC1=cold cathode gauge (low emmision), Pressure range: 1e-4 to 1e-10 Torr,

In vac- normal configuration CC1= 2e-6 Torr

at 1e-5 Torr close VM1
C1:Vac-CC4_pressure  RGA  pressure In vac-normal configuration CC1=CC4  
 C1:Vac-N2pres  valve's drive pneumatic    

The N2 supply is regulated to 60-80 PSI out put at the auto cylinder changer.

 at 55 PSI close V1, at 45 PSI close all 
 It  does not exist yet 2 N2 cylinder sum pressure

Each cylinder pressure will be measured before the regulator and summed for warning message to be send

at 1000 PSI


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