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Entry  Fri Sep 23 16:25:01 2011, steve, Update, VAC, vac rack UPS battery replaced P1080252.JPGP1080254.JPG
    Reply  Fri Mar 27 10:38:40 2015, steve, Update, VAC, vac rack UPS battery replaced UPSvac.jpg
       Reply  Tue Mar 1 09:37:15 2016, steve, Update, VAC, vac rack UPS batteries replaced vacRackBat.jpg
Message ID: 11178     Entry time: Fri Mar 27 10:38:40 2015     In reply to: 5529     Reply to this: 12014
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: vac rack UPS battery replaced 

Batteries replaced after 3.5 years with Amstron AP-1250F2,  8x 12V 6Ah


APC Smart -UPS 2200   model: SUA2200RM2U   batteries were replaced by compatible RBC43, 8x  12V5A


Attachment 1: UPSvac.jpg  78 kB  Uploaded Fri Mar 27 11:41:43 2015  | Show | Show all
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